Perfect Blue Full Fringe - Designer Wrap

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This unique Designer Nuno Felted Wrap (Weaved Silk Felted onto Wool ) is super soft, lightweight, and temperature regulating. An Eco friendly piece of wearable art that can be dressed up or down, and worn in any way you want with it's lightweight, easy manipulative nature. Each piece is hand cut, hand dyed, and hand felted. The Locks are cut from a Wensleydale Sheep. The sheep are not harmed and need to be sheared. Although each piece is slightly different, this style fits most sizes. if you have concerns regarding sizing please contact me. I will be happy to construct something sized just right for you, as all sales are final. Pieces in the collections may vary slightly in cost depending on the amount and kind of Fibre used to create the piece you are viewing.

Every piece is hand washable by gently soaking and pressing in soapy cold water, Rinsing, rolling in a towel to drain of water, and hanging or laying flat to dry.